Don Pietro Bianco 2020, the spirit of our tradition

best organic sicilian white wine

Don Pietro is for us the white wine of tradition, a blend of Grillo and Catarratto whose name expresses a deep bond with the history of our family.

It was Don Pietro Spadafora himself who founded the farm where we now live and produce our wines.
The 2020 edition recently on sale is distinguished by a slightly longer aging than usual, as well as the other labels released this year.
The longer duration of contact with the fine lees has favored the natural stabilization of the wine, increasing its balance, aromatic richness and incisiveness.
We are very satisfied to be able to say with certainty that this year Don Pietro Bianco is even better. In the glass it is clear, its color is medium lemon.

The nose reveals an intense, clear and clean profile, made up of scents of pear, apple, white peach and floral notes.
The fruit appears ripe at the right point, not too much, showing perfect integrity. On the palate we find good freshness and the right consistency.
There is an excellent balance between acidity, body and aromatic charge, which translates into a great pleasure.
The harmony that was already perceived on the nose is even more evident here. The closure sees the return of fruity notes and a refreshing salinity that tempts us to drink again and that will be very useful in many food pairings.

Don Pietro Bianco is one of the first wines to come out on the market together with Catarratto. However, it has a completely different character, being a little more structured, more complete and, above all, more “gastronomic”.
Catarratto is an immediate and carefree white to drink at any time with anything, while Don Pietro gives its best with food, enhancing its flavor.
Its excellent versatility can be further increased thanks to the great balance that allows us to serve it at different temperatures, moving within a slightly wider range than most wines of the same type. We can drink it with many seafood dishes, starters and first courses based on vegetables and fresh cheeses.
Try it also with white meats.

These are just a few tips, Don Pietro is a wine that stimulates the imagination a lot and in the end you will be the one to find the right combinations with your favorite dishes, according to your tastes.
For this wine we always follow the production philosophy that characterizes all our work: respect for nature, consumer health protection and great attention to all details (our slogan is “less is more“, you can read the details here).
We believe it is a duty to give our customers a high quality wine that is an expression of the places it comes from and that does not harm the health of those who drink it (we add very little sulfur only before bottling. Its quantity is shown on the certificate of analysis which is available on our website).
Like all our wines, Don Pietro Bianco 2020 can be purchased online on our website.
We are happy to be able to bring the scents and flavors of our land into your homes.