Catarratto 2020, our first release of the new harvest

CAtarratto 2020 organic white wine

It’s fresh, spontaneous, suitable for any moment of the day.

It is our Catarratto, the first wine of the new harvest that we put on sale.
The 2020 edition benefited from a slightly longer refinement, which turned out to be particularly positive, giving us more pronounced aromas and greater balance.
It is a more “accomplished” white wine, pleasant as never before.
The young and lively character of him is immediately understood by the color, a beautiful, clear and bright lemon-green. Bringing the glass to the nose we perceive a varietal and delicate bouquet in which we find a varied range of aromas: white and yellow pulp fruit with peach and golden apple in evidence, flowers, wild herbs and a subtle citrus hints.
Expressive naturalness is an invitation to drink without hesitation.
On the palate it is very fresh, but above all lean, linear and well balanced, progressing with order from start to finish.

The game between the aromatic intensity, a certain pulpiness that recalls the grapes of origin and a lively acidity that accompanies the sip, giving it momentum and energy, is intriguing.

This results in a surprising drinkability: you will often not notice that you have finished the bottle in no time!
Catarratto 2020 is a direct wine, perfect for those looking for immediate pleasure and lightheartedness.

Furthermore, it is a high quality product made with the utmost attention to every detail and with a particularly attentive eye to the health of the consumer, as well as any label of the Principi di Spadafora winery. We cultivate the vineyards organically with the utmost respect for the natural cycles of the vine, we vinify with the exclusive use of indigenous yeasts and add very little sulfur only at the time of bottling (you can read our production philosophy here. Our slogan is: “less is more”).

Great attention is paid to environmental sustainability, starting from agricultural practices up to the packaging for which we use bottles that are not too heavy and closures made with sugarcane-based polymers, that are 100% recyclable and, at the same time, offer excellent performance for storing wine. The Catarratto is suitable for any occasion and for countless food pairings.

Drink it with friends in carefree moments, as an aperitif, by the pool, on a boat, or alone in the tranquility of the countryside on a summer afternoon. It can be combined with all kinds of appetizers, seafood dishes or delicate preparations based on vegetables, just to give you some suggestions. Like all our wines, Catarratto 2020 can be purchased online on our website. We will be happy to send it directly to your home and share our passion for nature and good wine with you.