The tractor helped me

Vigneto biologico di Sicilia

Maybe not everyone has driven a tractor in their life so I’ll start with a introduction :

he walks, often, not caring about what he has ahead of him; he goes on.

Climbs, descents or plains doesn’t change much because he knows he will have to face them sooner or later.

He also knows that he will have to pull and manage different tools that will be installed behind him but this doesn’t bother him because he was born for this.
He was also born to carry with him the person who will lead him, who will learn to listen and understand him.

A friend who will listen to him in times of difficulty but who will not let him lack his attention.

Driving a tractor is a privilege because by turning your head back, you will be able to see what he is capable of doing, you will see the earth’s changes almost as if he was expecting it.

You will see how the color of the worked land change, you will see the grass disappearing under that ground that wanted to return to the light after a cold and wet winter. You will be able to admire the plants growing, the ones that were waiting for the tractor’s noise.

You drive the tractor but you are absent; your mind is absorbed by the attention you have to pay to the tractor and to the land and you would be willing to do the same path many times until the result becomes what you expected.

It has the privilege of absorbing your attention, a bit like a noisy meditation but is still a meditation. You are there and you have to concentrate, disconnect from other thoughts.

It takes an eye to drive a tractor, you have to pass close to the plants, being careful to go close to them on one side and on the other without ever touching them, carefully evaluating the different slopes.
In the early morning you have to give him the right attention, you grease the tractor, clean the air filter, check the levels and then put it into gear. You go and you would go anywhere on that tractor.

To conclude in a non-trivial way, I could define a winter or a spring on the tractor as a therapy to recommend to those who cannot live without Wi-Fi. You will enter a video game, detached from the rest, where the protagonists are you two.