Do you remember when?

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How many times have we heard these words and how many will we hear them again. My perception of memory is not related to remembering or forgetting things but more related to the time you first lived that experience which then became memory.

Memory can be entrusted to photos, films, letters, events and so on. Reliving moments, passages, allows you to relive other moments, helping you building your one experience.

Memory is the mother of the five senses because without a previous experience it would not be possible to remember a smell, a noise, an image or a taste.

The five senses live in the present with memory.

Hint, fragrance, color, persistence, freshness, bitterness, sweet etc without the experience remain only words, almost meaningless.

We were born without any memory. As it grows, it takes shape and must be defended by those who want to take it away from you, erasing it like chalk on a blackboard.

Memory is sharing.

A glass of wine should be discussed, not swallowed; the previous one must be remembered in order to be able to talk about it. It will recall your memory.