Natural? Normal!!!

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Natural ? Normal !!!

A common topic today concerns the production of natural wines. Everyone wants to be an organic wine producer, on the label.

Great attention is paid to the labels, so as to make the dress of the bottle the first step in marketing.

We don’t talk, as much as we should, about contents and digestibility, character, drinkability and how we feel the day after a good bottle of wine.

We should focus on that.

Let’s start with three questions:

What do you drink?

When do you drink it?

How do you drink it ?

What to drink, you can decide it based on the food, on the mood or based on the person that you are going to drink with.

If you will decide based on the ingredients of you meal, after choosing the bottle you will prepare a dish that will enhance both plate and bottle.

You will choose a white wine, if you need freshness and acidity in the dish, or a spicy red wine to enhance the characteristics of the meat dish. When you drink, depends on the time of the day and the period in which this day will take place. Working week, weekend, holidays, at 12.00 a.m or after 18 p.m. You also might diced to drink when the moment is ideal for the wine you’ll open.

There is no wine just for special occasions because every moment can become special if you want, like the people you will drink with.

How you drink, can be related to the glass you will drink in, at what pace you will drink or if you’ll do it because that glass reminds you of something.

The shape of the glass is important because it can enhance or depress the wine you will pour in it. The rhythm of the sip is important because, in that rhythm, there is your day. If you day has been pleasant, you will drink slower. If you had an hectic day you will drink wines with a stronger character.

You’ll drink that bottle because you wanted to drink it for a long time but you didn’t find the right time, or because you want to share it or instead because you want to drink it alone.

This three questions have something in common: what will you remember the next day?

The first step has to be that you drunk well, and well means healthy and aware of what you were drinking.

It seems obvious but it is not because you often don’t consider when you drink.

Healthy and aware: healthy means wines that taste like grapes, with character and made with your hands, with little sulfur and made according to the philosophy you have read and studied, because it will be with you all day the next day. Aware why mistaking times, ways and company can affect wines you drink.

Natural, for us, means all this and, above all, putting ourselves in the shoes of those who will drink what we have produced because conscious production means leaving a memory.