Thought for Merlot Week

Merlot week
Our Merlot has arrived. It is as we wanted it, an important wine that joins the other labels of the Schietto line and represents a further expression of the Virzì terroir.
Merlot easily adapts to various climatic conditions, but it is also an early variety characterized by a different ripening curve than most other grape varieties, which poses many difficulties in hot areas to obtain grapes that are then able to give the right balance.
Softness is its strong point, but it must be managed wisely, it must be part of a harmonious whole and not be excessive.
Making a wine with Merlot is not easy, everything must be perfect in the starting grapes.
The choice to propose this novelty was not planned, but suggested by the wine itself which, after repeated tastings from the tanks, convinced us more and more, revealing that it was time to bottle it in purity.
An excellent vintage like 2016 and a long aging give us this red, complete, fascinating and capable of going far over the years. Its aromatic profile is dominated by elegant aromas of small fruits and on the palate it shows a perfect combination of structure, intensity and energy, resulting very pleasant and satisfying.
A wine of great character that we are happy and proud to share with you all.