The importance of the cork

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We talked about land, methods to reuse each product provided by nature, renewable energy and our choice not to irrigate. Today we will take a step forward and focus on an element of great importance, linked to the finished product.

Did you understand what it is? Let’s talk about corks.

We like to underline how important it is for us to be organic and sustainable at 360 degrees and not just in the vineyards or in the cellar. This path continues with the choice of corks, different for the various lines, but always based on the same philosophy, respecting nature. In fact, we have chosen corks in line with our philosophy and therefore strictly organic.

Being on the market for over 25 years has given us experience and experimentation.

Wine, as we all know, is a living matter that continues its evolution in bottle, so the choice of the correct cork is very important.

Also in this sector, progress and technology have helped a lot, preventing a poor quality cap from ruining the job.

So we can say that the path of production and creation of a wine does not end with the harvest, but continues with the choice of the bottle, the labels and above all the cork, which will be decisive in its evolution. We, for our wines, use 3 types of corks:

For Catarratto, Syrah, Principe N, Don Pietro Bianco e Rosato we use the Select Green Bio 300 cork from the Nomacorc Bio line.

The benefits obtained using this type of cap are different:

– generates a low carbon footprint: using natural materials to absorb CO₂, Green Line is in fact the first range of zero-carbon cork.

– as far as sustainability is concerned, they include sugar cane-based plant polymers, therefore made up of 100% renewable raw materials.

This type of corks provides full control of oxygen entry, absence of migration and TCA. Fundamental element because the exchange of oxygen in the bottle must be minimal.

Our wines are all organic and therefore the choice of a cork made with polymers deriving from sugar cane, without the use of glue, 100% recyclable, was necessary to best satisfy our organic philosophy.

For Don Pietro Rosso, il Principe G we use the Nomacorc Reserva cork.

For our Enrica Spadafora Classic Metod the Diam cork . These are technological cork stoppers that come from an exclusive patent. They are “desaromatised” corks that are free of TCA (ie the molecule that gives the classic scent of cork) and that allow a constant exchange of oxygen to the wine.

Finally, on our Cru wines, Schietto Line, Siriki Line and Sole dei Padri we use the historic Amorim cork factory of great traditions. In particular, we use the one-piece Nature unbleached cap.

The measure we use is 49 × 26 and it is the type of closure necessary for great wines to be aged.

Just think of the vintage on the market of Sole dei Padri, 2009, or of Siriki, 2015. The bottles of the Schietto, Sole dei Padri and Siriki lines, once corked, are then placed horizontally in the baskets, so as to allow the cap to “relax”, thanks to its elasticity.

We have chosen to dedicate this pill, perhaps a little more technical, to the corks to remind you that the path of our products is always characterized by an organic choice.