Cooking looking around

produttori vino biologico
Often cooking, as well as wine, is seen as something that not everyone can do, almost as if it were an art for a few. 
It is true that there is wine and wine and cooking and cuisine but it is also true that imagination plays a fundamental role in both the first and second cases. Today I will write you a recipe realized only with what I have around me.
Try to imagine it.
I will have to let you taste it without one of the fundamental senses, in the case of cooking, that is taste, but I will try to make you eat it only by reading it.
A normal Sunday, cloudy sky, a little too windy for my taste, but, just outside the front door, one of the orange trees that, like every morning, looks at me and invites me to pick some fruits.
He makes them every year, I just prune it a little and he does it again the following year.
A little further away, in the area of aromatic herbs, rosemary, which has now become a very large plant with evergreen branches, suggests that I pick it.
In the meantime, I had kept some bread to make crumbs, then toast it a little and, once cooled, add a little ginger powder. 
Once the oranges have been squeezed, three are enough for 100 grams of pasta, I put them in a saucepan over low heat to reduce them.
I want to have a very concentrated taste, this will also be used to tie the pasta. 
Chop up the rosemary so as to make it soften in the orange during cooking.
When the pasta is a little more than halfway through cooking, once drained and kept a little water, I’ll put it in the pan where it will finish cooking.
I’ll add a little water, then the orange reduction with fresh rosemary and a sprinkling of toasted bread seared with ginger. 
I will add a little more once the pasta is served.
The pasta is ready. With fork and spoon I transfer it from the pan to the plate, adding a sprinkling of breadcrumbs and the usual drizzle of good oil.
So I hope to have managed to make you eat a plate of pasta, for now, only with your imagination. Now you are ready to try my recipe. 
If you eat it for lunch at 1pm, I would combine it with a fresh but still aromatic white Don Pietro. If you’ll eat it for dinner, I would pair it with a Chardonnay that is not too young and has a good structure.
Worth a try.