The difference between vintage and old.

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Vintage is memory, memories of a previous life lived by you or by others; when you discover in a closet a dress of the past that no longer fits but that brings with it many memories.
Vintage is a harvest, of at least twenty years ago, written and scribbled in your booklet, which has also become vintage.
A booklet that you can still open while sipping wine, remembering when it was made.
You can still remember who you were with, how you did it and, often, I am still amazed, how it gets better over time.

Old is something that has advanced in years, when, sometimes, memory has evolved into regrets.
Old is not just a dress of many year ago but simply a dress that was destroyed by time over the years.
Old  is a wine that has lost the reason it was made in the first place and has become out of time.

Are we vintage or are we old? And above all how much will we still be vintage or sometimes old?
The environment we live in is vintage; every time you close your eyes you remember when you transformed it and in the meantime it gets old and you have to rearrange it.
A style is vintage when someone wants to imitate it and is old when you immediately change subject.

The same thing happens for wine but one thing is certain, that vintage helps whenever you are ready with a new wine vintage and old helps whenever you want to change the bottle.