What do we mean with “renewable energy” ?

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We started from the earth, explaining how we use field beans and the marc to nourish the soil.
Today we’ll analyze another aspect of sustainability: renewable energy.

What do we mean with “renewable energy”?

Renewable energy sources, such as sunlight, wind, rain, waves and geothermal heat, are energy sources derived from resources that are naturally reintegrated into a human time scale.
What does it mean to produce energy in a sustainable way? Are the two terms superimposable?

Let’s start with a difference: with renewable energy we refer to energy produced from sources that do not run out and that pollute to a minimal extent.
If we talk about sustainable energy we are referring to electricity from sustainable sources (such as water, sun, biomass and wind) but we must also evaluate the efficiency of production and consumption.

When we talk about sustainable energy we refer to that type of energy production and use that provides for sustainable development, aimed at not damaging the environment, thanks also to the efficiency of energy use.

The use of sustainable electricity makes it possible to reduce energy production through nuclear and coal-fired power plants.
By doing so, we try to reduce pollution and damage the environment less while still meeting the needs of the population.
A substantial change is therefore necessary: the transition to green energy is the only way to achieve the satisfaction of the world’s energy but also saving and reducing the environmental impact.

The use of sustainable energy sources has several advantages, since it exploits zero emission resources, that is non-polluting sources which are assumed to be available in the future.
These sources are:

  • solar radiation, which makes it possible to produce chemical, thermal and electrical energy;
  • the wind, source for mechanical and electrical production;
  • biomass, which are used for thermal and electrical energy;
  • tides and sea currents for the production of electricity;

Solar panels works thanks to the activity of several photovoltaic cells of pure silicon, a material present in nature. It is precisely the photovoltaic cells that trigger the physical reaction capable of creating a direct current electric field.
The management of the “end of life” of photovoltaics is very important in order to truly define it as a sustainable energy source.

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For this reason, the process of recycle for photovoltaic panels becomes very important, indeed indispensable, in order to be able to talk about the sustainability of photovoltaics.
We have included them in the company several years ago on the roof of the cellar so that we can carry on our sustainability project at 360 degrees.
A physical or, as in this case, an economic force becomes necessary if we want to live thinking about the future.