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I will guide you to the theater for a play written over time, perhaps timeless, because I believe it has always been valid.
For the children, the families forced to spend their lives, as it was written by others.

History teaches that news and testimony transmitted from one generation to another one have marked people’s lives, making some people happy and others not.

The actor enters the scene and carries with him the burden of a life chosen by others.
The real crux of the matter is: why should his life be conditioned by others?

Let’s go back to my experience for a moment because, it might help finding a solution to what has always been one of the great generational’s problems.
How important is it to maintain a “status quo” without trying to affect this status quo?

I bring it back to my business, I bring it back to the business of all the families that have been producing wine for many generations and are forced to do it, not to disappoint the ancestor who died maybe more than a hundred years ago.
Living with the weight and with the conviction that you cannot change things.

I consider myself lucky because I have never tried to follow the path that my father had thought for me but rather try to follow the character of that person.
My father produced grapes while I had the desire to do something more, to produce a bottle. I had the possibility to try and to even get passionate about it along the way.
For my daughter Enrica I have never thought of a life with a scissor in hand to prune a vineyard, realizations that has always be mine. I wish her an independent life, fighting for what she believes in.

My daughter loves the earth but, like me years ago, wants something more, which in this case will not be the evolution from grape to bottle, but will be a step forward.

The actor on stage will have to identify himself with a happy generation and then, a moment later, with a forced generation.
Difficult choice but, in reality, the solution is around the corner, if you have the chance.
Complicity in following your instincts because if you find yourself in someone else’s shoes, uphill, you will always struggle.

Living in memory has its own why, but living projected forward helps more.