Marc as fertiliser

concimi biologici per vigna vigneto

We always start from the base, from one of the definitions of Sustainable Agriculture, that is an agricultural production system with a particular attention to the needs of today and tomorrow.
A production system based on not damaging natural resources for the benefit of immediate profit, but using them thinking about the future.
At the basis of a Sustainable Agriculture there is certainly an Organic Agriculture.

Organic farming methods with the purpose to protect soil biodiversity and maintain the various nutrient cycles that normally occur in the land.
To protect this biodiversity, no chemicals must be used.
Can fertilizers be used? fertilizers are nothing more than nourishment that we give to the earth, and we can do it according to the biological regime, as we will see later, or according to traditional agriculture, using fertilizers produced by chemical synthesis processes.
Our company has been using natural fertilization methods for years now. With organic fertilization we tend to improve the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of the soil as well as the mineral and water nutrition of the plants.

This natural method is also based on the use of a simple element: marc.
These, once the harvest is finished, are often considered “waste”, underestimating the importance they can have in the next phase, once dried.
The marc, or grape skin, can be used as natural fertilizers, free of elements of animal origin, as an organic base for fertilizers and substrates for various crops.
At the end of the controlled fermentation there will be a fertilizer with high quantities of organic nutrients, mineral elements and a high fertilizing power thanks to the presence of nitrogen.
Once ready they will be distributed on the ground, between one row and another, by hand, like the rest of our activities in the vineyard. Proceeding by hand allows you to control, dose and select much more than we could do with a mechanical means.

This technique allows us to help and support the earth without adding external elements but simply using a product she created herself. We give back to the earth what she produced.
This technique is fully part of the philosophy of a sustainable company as we are.
It allows us not to add external elements but to reuse natural products and, above all, to reduce waste, allowing us to satisfy the needs of the present generation without compromising the capacity of future generations.
We work today in respect of nature, to preserve the land for tomorrow.