The field bean is an excellent ally of the vine

il favino alleato della vigna biologica

What is sustainability for the Dei Principi di Spadafora’s winery?

Sustainability is an act of responsibility and commitment that each of us must undertake to protect the environment and take care of the people that will come after us.

We are fortunate because we inherited a company and several hectares of vineyards from our family. For 27 years we have been pursuing this passion respecting the land and the plants so that we can improve and pass it on in turn.

From the next few weeks, every Wednesday, we will explain what sustainability means for our winery, explaining our philosophy based on organic wine production.
We’ll start from the concept of sustainable agriculture, that is an agriculture based on respect for natural resources, the worker and the producer.
One of the steps to achieve sustainable agriculture is to start with organic farming.

In this first pill, we will start from the earth, where everything comes from, and in particular we will focus on the field bean, a type of green manure.
We believe in the potential of a healthy vineyard without the addition of chemical elements, while respecting the territory, excluding treatments such as chemical fertilizers and systemic pesticides, which would affect the relationship that our vineyards have with mother earth.

For us, this philosophy is not just a productive choice, it is much more; it is a matter of ethics. We live in a land that has been handed down to us and that we will pass on in turn, trying to be as zero impact as possible.
A good organic wine, according to our production philosophy, must ,first of all, be produced in the respect of nature.

What do we mean with “green manure”?
Green manure is nothing more than a cultivation, in our case field bean, which is sown, then shredded and buried to bring organic substance into the earth.

The field bean (variety of broad bean (Vicia faba minor) with small, red or purple seeds) is then sown between the rows because it contributes giving organic matters to the soil, favoring the maintenance of an adequate balance of vine development.

It also helps increasing the accumulation of water reserves in the soil.

The field bean is sown in October, immediately after working the land. It is carried out in this period because usually, after this month, will follow a period of rain which will contribute to its growth.

Given climate change and consequently the unpredictability of the seasons, sowing can be slightly shifted from year to year, carried out with a view to sustainability in the management of agriculture, with particular attention to organic farming.

Follow us in the coming weeks to discover other passages that are fundamental for us in our production philosophy, always respecting sustainability.