The value of time

the value of time in good organic Sicilian wine

Wine is a unique, living product that has the ability to transform itself by evolving over time.
Naturally, this happens when in the vineyard we work respecting the environment and the physiology of the vine and in the cellar we make sure that the grapes can express their potential in the most direct and natural way possible.
In this way the wine will contain all the potential of the starting fruit, the “magic” that allows the transformation that will lead it to first become a product ready for consumption and then to evolve over the years.
It is therefore clear that organic farming and a deep knowledge of the vineyards are fundamental.

The maturation times in wood or in concrete or steel vary in relation to the different wines, but also to the vintages that give us grapes that are not always the same.
The simpler wines, of course, have times more easily determined, the more important and complex ones show a variability that is sometimes considerable since their potential is greater.

We constantly taste the wines from the vats and barrels to be sure to bottle them when the time comes.
But it does not end here, the journey continues because bottling is not the phase that precedes consumption, but the beginning of a journey through which the various components harmonize with each other to make a perfect wine to drink. In other words, it takes a period of refinement in the bottle to ensure that the characteristics are best expressed.
We only sell our products when we consider them “ready”.

We do not have schemes, calendars, protocols and we do not look for shortcuts, but we go forward only by questioning the wine, trying to understand it thoroughly with the tastings.
If we consider, for example, the reds of the Schietto line, we are currently on the market with Cabernet Sauvignon 2012, Nero d’Avola 2013 (coming soon 2014) and Merlot 2016.

The Principe G, white from Grillo grapes, has recently been on the market with the new vintage, 2018. It is released much later (about 1 year) than other wines of the same type, but we are sure that if we anticipated the marketing we would lose part of what wine can give us.

Let’s not talk about the Sole dei Padri, the top of the range Syrah, present on our price lists with 2009.
Of course, all this involves a considerable effort, especially in economic terms, but it is fundamental for us because it is an essential part of our production philosophy which is made up of many pieces, each of which must be in its place, from the vineyard to the sale of the bottle.

We believe it is a duty to offer the consumer a ready-to-drink wine capable of giving pleasure. The ability to move forward over the years is also of great importance, an essential characteristic of quality wines which must be understood both as a duration in time and as the ability to evolve towards more complex and smooth aromatic frameworks, gaining an increasingly exclusive taste.

For the correct conservation in the bottle, the cork that we choose with great care plays a fundamental role.
We use different types of closures, all with very high performance: corks made with a polymer obtained from sugar cane which, in addition to being totally recyclable, have defined porosities and high density corks suitable for very long aging wines.
Over the years, the countless tastings and verticals have shown that our wines age really well, amazing even ourselves on more than one occasion. Today we have decided to share this too, putting on sale some old vintages that we jealously treasure together with many others and that tell a little about our history of recent years.

It is something we are proud of and hopefully enjoyed by consumers.
We currently sell two vintages of Grillo (the wine that today is called Principe G), 2011 and 2014 and two of Sole dei Padri, 2003 and 2005.
Being a product of nature, wine has its own rhythms, marked by complex transformations. We must not impose ourselves by forcing, but support it.
Only in this way will we achieve great results.

We want to give our customers an added value in the bottle: the value of time.