A sign of ​​hope

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This blog will rappresent an idea of ​​hope for the next 2021 and, for this reason, I have to retrace, through my memory, when I wrote two fairy tales for my daughter many years ago.

It was a cold winter and it was snowing outside. I wanted to be able to see some light beyond the clouds, and I was helped by the white snow that reflected the lights. It seemed a good omen for the sun arrival that would find a shining white mantle.

There were two stories and the first one was called “the Fairy of all colors” , a metaphor for the importance of colors and their meaning, especially in moments when it seemed that everything was off.

The fairy, taking inspiration from a pack of colored pencils, tried to give a color for each action of the day, starting from the color of the milk.

Depending on how she had slept, the mother changed her color, as well as the father and so did the dog with his morning party, like it was the first time he saw you in months and then, going outside, the various morning lights and then continue during the day.

The idea was to find in every moment a color that represented it.

The second story was about a dolphin who, as soon as he was born, cultivated the desire to go around the sea for new adventures. He later left the desire to get to know all the other animals that frequented the sea, not only below the surface, but, expecially, above the surface.

He met a seagull that with his eyes told him everything he would never be able to see.

Maybe my daughter was too young to understand and see everything I saw but I was sure that growing up she would be able to.

I have been thinking a lot these days and many of these written things can help us now to see, through the different shades of clouds, sky, sunset and so on, the colors of life or give us that sense of freedom seen through the eyes of the neighbor.

I wish we could all try to change our perspective by trying to succeed without being overwhelmed by everyday life.
Let’s try to close our eyes, to find the colors that belong to us and that vision that we would like to have because I can’t think of a better time to try.

Francesco Spadafora