Pruning therapy

La potatura del vigneto biologco

Pruning because it represents the future and because it helps nourish the lives of family members for those who are no longer there.

Pruning because it is a cut with the past and helps to start a new life that will coincide with spring.

I have already wrote more than once about pruning and explained what it means to live the life of a plant. I wrote what it means to pruning with a scissor and find what will be the next branch that will have the next buds.

You certainly don’t think, at that moment , about grapes but only about the desire that the buds will open where you thought they could.

It helps to stay out, it helps to think only of a goal since for now uncertainty reigns.

It is a ritual that is repeated every year, not only for us, for the vine and the olive tree but for all those who manage the future of a plant.

Maybe it’s not that easy to talk about the true meaning but we can summarize it in three words: Present, Past and Future.

Francesco Spadafora