Christmas in small groups?

vendita online vino bianco biologico Siriki dei Principi di Spadafora

Let’s play with the colors of the wine.

Remembering Christmas. One of the first thing that you will remamber, even from an early age, are definetly the colors.

The color green of the tree, the furniture with a thousand colors, the table with the tablecloth used just for that occasion, the gift wrap and the clothes of the people that are with you.

We grow up and the sensations remain the same, this is what we call “the magic of Christmas” .
We have an extra guest, also colorful and different for each dish we will eat for the next two days.

The warm orange color of our Siriki white, warms you up, whets your appetite and refreshes your spirit.

It is our wine for Christmas, not only because it is a white and a winter wine but because it is the wine for the holidays.

There are not many wines that are born to celebrate without being the usual classics.

Christmas is not New Year, it is a much more intimate occasion and never like this year we want to be cuddled.

Pairings: aperitif with cheeses, cauliflower timbale, baked salmon with potatoes and melted cheese, rustic babá.

We look forward to recive your impressions after Christmas.

Happy White Siriki to all.

Francesco Spadafora