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Organic farming, very low yields and targeted choices both in the vineyard and in the cellar for territorial wines with a strong character capable of expressing uncompromising quality: here is the “Schietto” line.
It born with Cabernet Sauvignon 1997, a wine that in subsequent harvests has been joined by other wines, both white and red from international and indigenous gape varietis. Bottles suitable for important occasions, for a prestigious gift or, simply, for those who want to drink well, appreciating the intensity and richness of nuances that each glass of a wine from the Schietto line is able to give.

The name was not chosen by chance and is able to explain many things: Schietto because they are single-variety wines that therefore express the characteristics of a single variety, Schietto because each label represents the pedoclimatic peculiarities of specific vineyards and , above all, Schietto because aromas and flavors are authentic, they reach us without filters, being the result of a work based on the greatest respect for the environment and the grapes.
Every detail is also taken care of in the packaging: light bottles are used to have a lower environmental impact and corks suitable for great wines for aging, the Monopezzo Nature of the historic Amorim cork factory.
Furthermore, the graphics of the labels was made with the idea of expressing a strong identity: in each of them there is a stylized representation of the plan of the vineyards of origin.
After bottling, the wines of the Schietto line are left to refine and then go on the market only when we believe they are ready. There is no set release date, we constantly taste the wines, we “listen” to them to understand when the right time will come.

All the wines produced by Spadafora are made exclusively with our own grapes coming from the vineyards of the Virzì district in the territory of Monreale. Here the soil has a sandy-clayey granulometry.
The vines, planted with a density of 5,000 plants per hectare, are guyot trained. The yields are very low to obtain high quality. Fermentations are always spontaneous from pied de cuve and take place in concrete tanks with temperature control, without adding sulphur dioxide to maintain the maximum naturalness of the process (only a very small amount of sulphur dioxide is used when bottling. It is necessary for the stabilization of the wine and, at the same time, it is in such quantity as to guarantee the perfect wholesomeness of the product). On the website there are certificates of analysis of all wines: transparency and honesty for the consumer who, in our opinion, has the right to know what he drinks.

Let’s examine in detail the wines of the Schietto line:

The Schietto Chardonnay 2015 is an organic white wine made with the most widespread grape variety in the world which is expressed here in a unique way with a truly original aromatic framework. Chardonnay is a basically neutral variety and for this reason, if cultivated and vinified in the right way, it allows the characterizing elements of the terroir to be reflected in the bottle. The wine is aged in steel tanks with an amount of about 30% which ages for 3 months in barrique.
The color of Schietto Chardonnay is medium gold. On the nose it is immediately evident the elegance and an interesting complexity made of exotic fruit, citrus scents and floral scents with the orange blossom in evidence.
After a while the citrus fruits become more and more present, acquiring greater richness and resulting almost candied, while a note of chamomile becomes more and more evident.
The palate is smooth, round, but also long because of the freshness given by the acidity and, above all, by the salinity that integrate perfectly in a harmony that gives pleasantness and drinkability.
It is a premium white wine capable of expressing great completeness. It will be perfect when paired with important seafood dishes, white meats and fresh or medium-aged cheeses.
We advise you to try many other pairings because a multifaceted wine like this Chardonnay will be an extra stimulus for your imagination.

The Schietto Nero d’Avola 2013 is a very particular organic red wine. This grape variety in the Virzì district gives results that are not easily overlapping with those we usually find in the typology. There is a greater tendency to freshness and finesse with aromatic patterns that are never too ripe. The color is a beautiful ruby red. The nose is intense and complex with aromas ranging from morello cherry and plum to aromatic herbs, showing a strong Mediterranean character. A hematic-ferrous note completes the bouquet revealing the mineral side of this wine. It is clearly a Nero d’Avola of the territory.
The palate is fresh, lively, slender on entry, intense in flavour, balanced and long. The tannins are dense and delicate. Drink it with traditional Sicilian meat dishes such as falsomagro or roast pork. It is also a good pairing with many types of medium and long-aged cheeses.

Obtained from one of the most important red grape varieties in the world, the Schietto Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 is a prestigious wine destined for special occasions. Despite still having many years of life ahead of him, we can say that it has reached a good degree of maturity, developing great complexity and aromatic breadth.
The deep and intense aromas of red and dark fruit blend finely with a subtle herbaceous note of green bell pepper (typical of Cabernet), toasted scents, chocolate and sweet spices. The sip is full, incisive, full-bodied, soft and round.
The flavour intensity is pronounced, the progression is excellent, the tannins are solid and the finish is very long.
It is Virzì’s Cabernet Sauvignon, a formidable red wine that combines the Sicilian sunshine with the freshness of these hills and the sea breeze.
Drink it with very tasty red meats, game, cheeses, or alone in a moment of relaxation to be able to appreciate every nuance.

The latest addition to the line is the Schietto Merlot 2016, a young organic red wine full of energy. The color is deep ruby.
The nose immediately shows an elegant and composite style with smells of small red fruits such as raspberry, which appear very well defined, without ever being excessive either for the degree of ripeness or for the level of intensity.
A soft vegetal note and a light vanilla scent complete the olfactory experience.
The palate is powerful, enveloping, full-bodied, very long and, at the same time, admirably balanced, striking for its expressive naturalness. The tannins are very dense, fine and velvety. Merlot gave us a big surprise ! It is definitely intriguing, it can stretch so well that it is easy to drink, which is not common for such a full-bodied wine. Among the reds it is certainly the one that shows the most interesting ageing potential. Not only to drink then, but also to keep in the cellar and follow over the years.

We are sure that it will reserve pleasant surprises for those who know how to wait.