Catarratto, Principe G, Don Pietro white e Don Pietro rosé: organic wines, pleasantness for the summer.

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Fresh, fragrant, pleasant, but above all organic, healthy, and authentic.
This are our wines for the summer.
Three whites and a rosé wine that will give you the opportunity to drink well in all occasions, experiencing an incredible variety of combinations. Different labels, but with a common soul, the result of a productive philosophy aimed at high quality in the sign of respect for nature, territorial identity, and consumer health.

“Less is more” is the phrase that sums up everything, from the exceptionally low yields per plant to the small amount of SO2 used. Ensuring that the vine produces a small crop allows us to have a bunch with high concentration and optimal balance, from which you can obtain wines that can best express the features of the vine and terroir.

This is achieved through careful and thoughtful viticulture, carried out according to the principles of organic standards (as you can see in the back labels).

In the cellar all the fermentations take place spontaneously, thanks to the indigenous yeasts. Weaddextraordinarily littleSO2,and only during bottling.
Therefore, a careful job is made to be able to offer a product where quality means uniqueness and richness of the aromatic expression, giving you the possibility to drink it at your leisure thanks to the very low levels of sulfites.

Let us start with Catarratto 2019, refreshing and easy drinking.
Scent of white peach, apple, flowers, and wild herbs plus a hint of almond that enriches the bouquet. It is refreshing, graceful and balanced with a mineral note that increases its pleasantness and a fragrant and spontaneous taste.
We could describe it in just three words saying that: “feel the grapes!”.
It can be paired with many seafood dishes, especially shellfish and crustacean, but also delicate taste such as sea bass or baked bream.Try it with soups or pureed soup.
Excellent as an aperitif but be careful because a glass calls the next one!

Don Pietro Bianco comes from the 2019 harvest as well, a blend of Grillo (53 %) and Catarratto (47 %). Here the complexity grows, as well as the structure and maturity of the fruit.
Aromas of pear and golden apple blend with floral notes and subtle vegetal scents in a harmonious set made even more intriguing by a salty tip.

The good consistency of the wine and the intensity of the taste are well balanced by the sapidity that gives momentum making the sip particularly balanced. Thanksto its complexity, it can accompany a wide variety of dishes: it is excellent with fish and allows you to experience pairings withmore intense flavors.
It goes well with several pasta dishes of the local cuisine, recipes based on traditional Sicilian vegetables, white meats, or fresh cheeses.

Principe G 2017, 100% Grillo, presentsitself with a brilliant youthful yellow color with the presence of green reflections. Nose is clean and very fresh: white fruit with melon and tropicalnotes in evidence, citrus hints, herbal notes,and sea salt nuances.
It has an elegant profile with a vibrant acidity and a strong salinity that creates a perceived gustatory tension from the beginning to the end. Despite beingtwo years older, among the three whites is the one with greater freshness and energy.

A precise sip of great agreeability and drinkability.
Principe G will give its best with raw fish, with spaghetti with clams or sea food, or with appetizers and first courses in which there is a citrus component. Try it also with grilled vegetables, mozzarella, and highly sapid cheeses. However, let yourself be guided by your imagination that will surely be stimulated by the lively and dynamic character of this white wine.  

There is also a rosé wine made from Nero d’Avola, Don Pietro Rosato 2019.

In recent years there has been a constant growth in the demand for rosé, a kind that perfectly meets the needs of those looking for easy drinking and immediate agreeability, without making life more complicated with complex or structured wines. In addition, rosé wines have an incredible versatility of pairings, often providing the ideal choice when you have different dishes at the same table.
Don Pietro offers a nose made of fragrant aromas of cherry, currant, strawberry, and floral notes. The mouthfeel is fresh, delicate, slightly soft and savory. It is a wine to drink at any time of the day, especially in the summer season.

At lunch, at dinner, during a boat trip, in the carefree moments with friends by the pool or in the green countryside will always delight you with its scents and its suave taste. It can accompany a wide variety of dishes, both of land and sea cuisine. We advise you to drink it with spaghetti with mussels, shrimp tempura, mullet stew, tuna tartare, eggplant caponata and fish soups.

It is important to note that for all four wines we use Nomacorc corks, closures made with a biopolymer obtained from sugar cane that for us represents an additional guarantee, because they eliminate defects such as the “scent of cork” and have a known permeability to oxygen, ensuring maximum uniformity between the various bottles and a gradual and regular evolution of the wine.

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