When wine is wine, it lasts in time.

You open the bottle, taste it, drink a glass, pick up the phone, eat something, drink another glass, you go out with a friend.

You drink something else, and you forget you have an opened bottle in the fridge.

You have guests, they get you another wine and you remember that a few days ago you opened a bottle, but maybe it’s better opening a new one.

The dinner is almost over, food and company are amazing, and the first bottle is gone. You open the fridge and you find that opened bottle, you decide to pour it to your guests with no hesitation.

Wine lasts in time, you open it, forget about it and then find it again. You pour it ans silently enjoy that time dividing the moment you uncorked the bottle and the last sip.

You smile, because such a wine is a great satisfaction.

Pietro Giuseppe Maria