My best wishes for Christmas

Best wishes! May Christmas bring harmony, peace and serenity in your home!

The best things in life are not found underneath a tree, but inside the people beside you during the special moments. Merry Christmas.

I hug you, and I wish you to find a lot of joy, happiness and love under that tree. Let it be a unique and unforgettable Christmas. Best wishes!

These are just some of the most common Christmas phrases, totally impersonal but largely used on greeting cards and messages in general. Hence, we have peace, harmony, serenity, happiness, joy, and unique, unforgettable love.

When you send those kinds of messages, it is clear that you don’t have a very close relationship with that person. Otherwise, your close friends would think that the Christmas lights shocked you somehow.

Maybe, these days of ‘organic break’ should be used to understand what did not work well during the year, and how to do better the year after. We could talk about it with friends and family, and try to find the solution together.

Maybe we should reflect upon how to explain to people that talking is the final act of a long path that started from the brain, and that a clear head can translate it into vowels and consonants.

Maybe we should reflect upon how we treat that Land, that is our floor and not the neighbour’s one.

Maybe we should reflect upon how to manage being yourself, in a world where you sometimes feel like a stranger.

A healthy and sincere glass will surely help us, and with this image I wish you the best Organic Break for a few days, enjoy the best moments alone or socially.

Francesco Spadafora