I want to drink a glass of wine, how can I know if it’s healthy?

This is the question that the customer often ask to the producer and he is sometimes blown away, he answers without actually answering!

There are some farmers that are not properly farmers, since they delegate someone else the production part, and they don’t really know what’s inside their bottles.

In France, in Italy or in other illuminated areas of the world some producers personally take care of all the production and their own grapes.

Those producers are peculiar personae, they live with the land, taste the wine, drink their own products and they pay attention not to adulterate them since they need to keep healthy.

It is no longer enough to cultivate according to organic standards, because the real damages take place in the cellar, when one tries to manipulate the liquid, namely wine, to make it accessible to everyone.

Each grape has its characteristics, each territory produces the grape according to the structure of the soil and changing the wine following a different style just to please someone else means misleading the consumer from what in reality would have been the final result. It’s not about how many bottles you produce but the philosophy you express, giving your best is not a issue, the problem comes when you denaturalize a product to make it accessible to everybody.

Pietro Giuseppe Maria