The continuous liquid evolution

The vocabulary describes evolution as the possible changes from an initial state to another state, but no vocabulary can explain the feeling of an evolving wine during its life span. You pour it into the right glass, smell it, smell it again, close your eyes and create your own path from your nose and memory, to understand your own feelings. A feelings born with the first sip, when you start feeling awkward since you need to turn the doubts into axioms, without referees, alone, struggling between nose and memory. To hurt yourself, you smell it again and taste it and with great embarrassment you have to admit that you find it different. He freed himself from a cork that forced him into the bottle, came into contact with freedom; the shape of the glass and the movement of the wrist gave birth a different shade. Your personal awkwardness goes on when you ask yourself if this difference is there just for you or not.

The liquid miracle turns your feelings into certainties, when in the span of time, of hours, of days you followed the path of the evolution of your liquid, you can trace changes and you can say that the last sip is the one you are going to miss.

 Pietro Giuseppe Maria