The influence of the lunar phases on human life

The influence of the lunar phases on human life.

The phases of the moon have an influence on human life: for centuries they have been considered a very useful indicator, especially in theagricultural sector.

Recently it has been discovered that the lunar calendar can also be very useful in terms of body care. For example, depending on the various phases of the moon there are better moments to cut one’s hair.

 By now we are always eight chess moves ahed and maybe we no longer need to consult the weather or look at the sky, but perhaps we schedule our moves to the barber shop appointments.

The point is that the weather has officially changed and I do not know if it depends on the haircut or the moon, but managing an agricultural land has become internet material.

Nevertheless, a discussion should be opened about when to use coppery sulfur, before the rain or immediately after.

 Even if it depends on how much it will rain. We do that as soon as possible after the rain, because being contact products we prefer to use them after and in this period possibly with a humidity not less than 65% so that it can stay on the leaves.

Pietro Giuseppe Maria