Rain and wind

 Rain and wind are two core elements of agriculture that coexist and sometimes they try to excel on eachother. Wind forces rain to change direction and it makes it go in new places, where rain did not plan to visit; rain stimulates the wind changing intensity. They are predictable but unpredictable, they can change their force anytime.

Rain and wind can change the temperature, they can make you rejoice or cry and they want to be protagonist, make peopel talk about thema and very often they reach their goal. No season is really extraneous to wind and rain, they can fit everywhere, everyday and they can be controversial. Sometimes you wish for them while some other times you don’t really want to meet them; anyway, they don’t really care and they will randomly show up eventually.

What we can do is submit and keep our eyes on the sky to check for clues to be prepared, always keeping in mind that in the end nature will always prevail.

Pietro Giuseppe Maria