A desk, the bottles on top, few glasses and after 26 years there is someone who still visit you. They forgot smartphones, social networks and they ask face to face what they usually learn by e-mail.

This is a trade show, an opportunity to meet someone once per year, smiling and eager to know more and taste the new vintages.

You are never alone. A daughter, a wife, two managers, guests and friends, wow such a team!

You get to the fair by bike to stretch your legs, you park it close to the booth and you get back in the evening walking like John Wayne.

Four days to sum up a year, from pruning to harvest, from pied de cuve to malolactic fermentation and then to the final bottle; you look at people’s eyes and you hope that they share your awareness.

Doubt is always there, for sure, but the best way to weaken it is something like the 26th Vinitaly.

Francesco Spadafora