We talk a lot about climate, but who really cares?

We talk a lot about climate, but who really cares?

”I thought that when I grow old I want to look back at my past and say: I did what I could for climate at that time and I have the moral obligation to do everything it’s in my power”

Greta Thunberg, 2019

It’s surely hard managing all the climate variables, especially considering how the situation evolved.

Wind is strong and it changes the temperature, 14° are perceived as 5 and just when the buds are about to bloom.

Nowadays it’s common to have a few minutes violent rainfall during a sunny day, and we are forced to deal with extremely umpredictable weather.

Climate has an influence over all of us, in our case that’s because we are farmers but it also has an impact on all those who wants to enjoy open air and who think that life needs to go on more than their own one.

Acting against climate changes is admirable for sure, but the ones who can really do something about it are those 10 people that apparently are not choosing to stop or at least slow down the process of heating.

Pietro Giuseppe Maria