Cement is midway between wood and steel.

It partially work as a big barrel, with some interesting exceptions: a minimal constant oxygenation with the outside (hence, a dialogue between wine, cement and the outside environment with a constant temperature), avoid temperature shocks that may sometimes occur in the barrel or the steel vat. Furthermore, cement does not interact with the flavor, allowing a natural evolution of the wine. (Winesurf, 2018).

This one in the picture is the cellar I inherited from my family, the same we still use today. And I was very lucky inheriting these vats, not only because the above mentioned words but also because my wine making process is part of a history, providing a full set of emotions that one could not get from new vats.

It’s the feeling of tasting the wine and finding the grape’s taste, plus you have that minimal interactions with the environment that makes you think ”that’s my wine”.

Francesco Spadafora