when he was once young decided to disguise himself as a goat, when everybody else was thinking to know. He wanted not to attract too much attention, while contesting that world he belonged to but that he did not like sometimes.

The goat stares at you and sometimes you don’t get if it’s afraid that you might suddenly enter its world, or if you are already in without even knowing.

The goat was afraid that its world might get polluted by strangers.

The goat wasn’t able to understand how come too many people were talking without actually knowing something and the goat asked Pietro the meaning of all this.

Giuseppe answered that it was a game where only the ones wo already knew were allowed to partecipate and the victory consisted in misinform the others.

Maria, wisely, suggested that the advantage of being a humble goat is that everybody else thinks you are dumb and that sometimes listening to others and changing our mind might be a great advantage.

”Study is like a light that enlighten the darkness of ignorance, and the knowledge that results is the supreme achievement, because no one can take it from us not even the most skilled thief. Study is the weapon that eliminate the enemy that ignorance is. It is also our best friend that guides us in our darkest hours” Dalai Lama

The moral of the story is that if you don’t know something you should not pretend to, instead be humble and try to learn.

Wine’s wolrd is packed with know-it-all, who don’t actually LIVE thet world but they think they are wise.

Full names to come, maybe.

Pietro Giuseppe Maria