Pruning as rebirth

Pruning is one of the best moments of the year for a wine producer
since it means two things: providing a longer lie to the plant hence benefit
from it nine months after. Pruning is not just a random cut, but an act of trust
and feeling with the plant, since only who knows it can assure the best treatment.
The cut has to be strong and precise in order to make the lymph
flowing without interruptions. In the picture we’d like to show you
what we mean for no interruptions, the water coming from the soil
will find its way to the top of the branch. It’s a duty that’s far way from
the social media world, away from the glass swirling people who ask
‘how come the wine is not that long-lasting in the mounth’;
and then you think about your plant who gave 100% to produce that bunch
that your interlocutor suddenly finds incomplete. Pruning means respect
for the land, since the plant won’t need further chemicals if it was properly cut;
it means respect for the bunches and the wine. And we will smile at ‘’it’s not longlasting’’,
since we prefer knowing that that’s a healthy wine from a healthy plant.

Pietro Giuseppe Maria