We are getting close to the holidays and we metabolized the harvest that was at least complicated, and we already start cultivating the hope that will accompany us throughout the year, waiting for the new vintage.
This is because the farmer is a strange animal. He feeds on his work and always finds excuses and resources to move forward. But he also feeds on the hope
that day by day accompanies him to provide the right direction to his day.
This kind of hope is shared with all the people the he meets on his path, because it is fire that burns inside and even if it does not turn into a certainty, it still remains a hope to move forward, because the thought of a difficult harvest can not
erase the hope of an upcoming great harvest. Alway avoid negative attitude,
it would become contagious and would create too many expectations for the
next harvest, forcing you to think too much. Pruning is the incarnation
of the word ‘hope’ and the representation of the constantly evolving nature.

Pietro Giuseppe Maria