The Farmer

The farmer

Cultivating the land, living the land, it’s in our DNA, in our heritage, battles, successes, hopes and in some letdowns as well.
The typical winemaker looks at the sky, lives its day waiting for the next one, tries to schedule everything even if sometimes isn’t up to him and if something is not right he will simply think abot the day after.
He complains, because it is normal, but he has the power of optimism. He waits for the fruits of his work, he wants them, but he knows he will be able to talk about them only when they get home. Then, sometimes, he is lucky enough to transform the fruits that the earth gives him, and then he is grateful because with these fruits he will be able to tell his past and his future. One is born a farmer and it’s difficoult to become one. Farmers is often a choice and when it is not, it becomes a torment. I am happy to be a farmer.
Pietro Giuseppe Maria