Spadafora and its natural wines


Please do not exchange the smell of the soil in its various nuances and in its various moments of the year, do not exchange the characteristics of the grape in its various notes with a badly vinified must or wine.

Often, since many of us do not have the opportunity to taste the must in fermentation – because it is exactly in that moment that a wine takes its imprint – we tend to think that a bad smell is typical of spontaneously fermeted grapes, hence we tend to think that natural wines that comefrom spontaneous fermentation without selected yeasts, must have that peculiar bad smell.

I understand that nowadays this idea is widespread, so it is hard to change people’s mind, but too often it is said that if a wine does not have that bad smell then it is a wine that is heavily manipulated. But it’s not.

We just need a careful fermentation, an adequate temperature and decanting at the right time toavoid this danger.