When it comes about the wine environment in Sicily, too often we read and feel like there are two Sicilies: an Etna one and then the ‘others’.

Feels like when we watch soccer games between one Nation and the rst of the world.

I don’t agree at all with this separation because in my opinion Sicily is just one, and it’s the one that will grant this Land a future. It’s the Sicily made of conscientious people, the ones that select the grapes even in the most scarce harvest, to grant a high quality product; the ones that make their wines without chemistry, fermenting their wines without sulfur dioxide or adding selected yeasts, the ones who taste their wines everyday, no matter if it’s Saturday or Sunday.

The Sicily made of the producers representing their cellars, who are honest with their customers; the ones who are not afraid of talking about rain or parasites like the downy mildew draining the plants; those producers who suffer with the land and that think about December pruning to understand the next year.

We, me, belong to this often forgotten Sicily that will be the conjunction ring between a spoiled land and the truth.

Francesco Spadafora