Tiefe, purpurrote Farbe. Faszinierender Duft mit Waldfruchtnoten.
Kräftiger und ausgeprägter Geschmack. Gut wahrnehmbare und bestens ausgewogene Tannine.


zu Braten, Wild und milden Käsesorten.


Rebsorte: 100% Syrah

Herkunft: Contrada Virzì, Monreale, Palermo
Kartenblatt 142

Lage: Süden

Topografische Höhe: 300 m ü.d.M.

Böden: Sandig-lehmige Granulometrie

Reberziehung: Einfache Guyot-Erziehung

Pflanzdichte: 5.000 Pflanzen/Hektar

Anlagejahr: 2000

Lese: Ende August

Ertrag: 40 Hektoliter/Hektar

Weinbereitung und Ausbau: Spontanische Gärung unserer Trauben aus Pied de Cuve und vergoren ohne Sulfite kontrollierte Temperatur im Betonbecken. Bis 12 Tage lange Mazeration. Unfiltriert ohne Sulfiti.

Reifung: 2 Jahre im Stahl-und 6 Monate in der Flasche

Abfüllgrößen: 0,75 l - 1,5 l

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These words are not official reflections, but technical observations, for which:

Siriki is produced from Syrah grapes grown in the municipality of Monreale, sheet 236 , plots 314 and 142.

This wine was then produced by two different areas, plot 236 located at 350 meters above sea level and facing South-West, and plot 314 situated at 250 meters above sea level and facing south.

The grapes were harvested at different times, no S02 was added, I prepared a pied de cuvèe with about 10 quintals of grapes that were first of all cooled down and placed in a tank saturated with nitrogen.

Once the fermentation started, I continued to add grapes to the initial mass of 10 quintals, for three consecutive days, to avoid fermentation arrests until the tank was complete.

We carried on with racking twice a day inside the airtight tank for 12 days, helped by a peristaltic pump, and the cuvèe fermented at 22°C.

After racking, the liquid obtained from the draining of the marc was separated from the rest and was placed in a steel tank.

After a few days, spontaneous malolactic conversion started, at the end of which, the same wine was placed in another stainless steel tank.

We constantly monitored the volatile acidity, and no abnormalities were found.

The wine has been maturating for two years in a stainless steel vat and on the 5th July 2013,without clarification nor filtration, it has been put into bottles. This is for us the end and the beginning of the game!

  • Decanter World Wine Awards 2017 - Siriki 2014 - Medal Bronze
  • Mundus Vini 2017 - Siriki 2014 - Medaglia d’Oro
  • Challenge International du Vin 2017 - Siriki 2014 - Medaglia d’Oro