12 Juli 2013


My first 20 years

 The first harvest in 1993 and 20 years later in 2013, 'Les Jeux sont faits'.  The passage of time, rain, sun and wind.  Years in which I lost my brother, Giampiero, and my father, to whom I dedicated 'Don Pietro.'

 Enjoying life and wonderful times, I named our first natural sparkling wine after my daughter, 'Enrica Spadafora'.

 Now, I'm dedicating 'Les Jeux sont faits' to the people who work on the estate, to my
mother, to my brother Giuseppe and to myself, knowing of all the hard work that went into making it.

 This is a unique bottle, never to be repeated.  Syrah which is unfiltered, spontaneously fermented and with no added sulfites.  Syrah which has left its mark and which I'll be drinking for the next 20 years.

Francesco Spadafora

932013_AGENTI_GB5.jpg  (JPG, 180 Kb) 932013_AGENTI_GB5.jpg (JPG, 180 Kb)