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Can we define Grillo THE summer wine?
Born in the end of ‘800 from Catarratto and Zibibbo grapes, Grillo is one of the most popular Sicilian white grapes. 
Why is this grape so interesting? 
Surely the possibility of making organoleptic perfect wines, fragrant, sapid, with good acidity and an interesting aging potential.
Grillo grape is flexible; do you know how many paths it can take? I’d say at least five. It can be harvested the first days of August for a higher freshness and acidity to become Enrica Spadafora (classic method pas dosé).
Or it can be harvested half of August to match with the first Catarratto and become Don Pietro Bianco. 
And again, we can harvest it at the end of August to become the Grillo still wine or, according to different wine making processes, Siriki whit (skin contact orange wine).
Furthermore it can be harvested even in late September to meet Catarratto once again and become Amnesia (late harvest).
That’s why I like to think about Grillo like THE summer wine: it is always performing at its best.
In my opinion Grillo helps us cultivating our knowledge. 
I like then pouring it into different glasses: from flute to traditional chalice, or dessert glass. 
What is the fundamental element to enjoy this flexibility?
For sure the serving temperature!
-Enrica Spadafora, 10°C
-Don Pietro, 12°C
-Grillo, 13°C
-Siriki, 15°C
-Amnesia, 15°C
This temperature difference gives the wine different hints, allowing it to evolve properly into the glass. We do really care about enjoy our Grillo in all those different forms because it represents our philosophy: focusing on the land to express the grape at its best.
Good drinking to all
Francesco Spadafora 


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