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Once upon a time, chronicles of a harvest without mid-seasons
Once upon a time, chronicles of a harvest without mid-seasons

A few days after my 24th harvest…

Once upon a time nature used to follow the timing of the seasons. There were mid-seasons, winter was rainy and cold, and one needed to wait for spring, when the gems, warming in the sun, opened and the increasing temperature was a prediction of the Summer. Summer was not a word connected to heat, but to colors, when leaves covered the plants, and the grapes under their roofs matured with a smile. Then there was the harvest, and it was a party: the grapes reached the cellar and produced a cheerful and scented must, a prelude to a nice glass of wine. Nowadays Nature is in the condition of getting confused: we skip seasons, storms during winter, with rapid temperature changes and the grapes they lost their focus and even their way to the cellar sometimes. There is a man who suffers with nature, staying close to her, prunes the plants and takes care of the sons, waits for the grapes in the cellar, cheering them up to help them giving what they can. This man has a great respect for Nature, dreams about mid-seasons, regular rains and natural heat, goes to bed after the Azores High but wakes up with African one and stares at the plants giving back the juice once again, sacrificing for cause. That man justifies and adapts, trying his best to drink a glass of wine with his friends.


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