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Mamma mia! My head is in the clouds!
Mamma mia! My head is in the clouds!

Mamma mia, my head is in the clouds!


How many times did we hear or read that exclamation, always thinking that we’d never be the one with ‘the head up in the clouds’, sure that our practical side would never allow us such a distant flight.


For as much as I love the idea of being up there, I will now be a responsible Virgil, and I will describe now the correct drinker journey, still staring at the clouds from above.


‘’I’ll drink at may place, or at a friend’s place, so that I don’t need to drive back home after’’ means that I’ll be more focused on the wine I am drinking, yes we are still talking about wine, and I will deeply enjoy the tasting and, of course, the precious notes of the ‘expert’ friend, everybody has one.


‘’I’ll close my eyes, and try to picture myself in the birthplace of that wine’’ because it is very important indeed to use your illusion and figure out where that product was born, trying to understand the differences in soil, climate and altitude.


‘’I enjoy the sight of so many different shaped glasses with the same wine inside’’, because one day you’ll learn that you don’t need the ‘’good glasses’’ anymore, like back in the old times, when the richness of the glass was hiding its inappropriateness. Now in front of you a whole world of scents and perfumes opens wide.


‘’I’d love to share this one’’ because it means that you’ve been drinking for a purpose, in the end, what we really want is keeping the memory of a good wine forever and forgetting the bad ones as fast as possible.


We are now ready to take this flight up high, surrounded by different full glasses, unknown wine inside, and we pity the ones who don’t get the difference between drinking and good drinking, because they want their trip to the clouds to be as fast as possible.


Follow those simple rules and you will not regret!!!


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