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An August evening, on snow pillows.
An August evening, on snow pillows.

A picture is taken and you imagine a story behind it. A wine is made and you figure out a dish to match it. 
I find it very liberating and stimulating trying to guess the story behind a picture, also this may be the true essence of ‘’sharing’’.
Talking about sharing, providing a warm welcome to the guests, that’s also stimulating.
I mean, those people are at my place, maybe they traveled miles to come here and visit me; I’ll do everything that’s in my power to make ‘em comfortable. With food, wine and music.
We listen to music, in the glass as usual, thoughtful, then you stare at the guests, still there, still sitting on these snowy pillows, still looking at that white wall in front of their eyes.
Basically you’ll do whatever it takes to make ‘em more warm, cooking, chatting or opening whatever bottle, a new one or even a very old one, you really wish the icy pillows will melt eventually and hail the sun.
Then you play the secret hack, the ‘’look at what I’ve done for ya’ll’’, behind the curtain a big table, candlelight and a picture. A old one. It’s actually the same place, with the same people, buy years ago, another season, a sunny one. Suddenly the aura turns bright and the atmosphere warm, once again that place is a theater for friendship and happiness. All together we walk with joy to the cellar, laughing and chatting, sure that one day we will remember this evening.For sure wine does helps. Quite a lot. It makes the snow melt and the sun shine and makes people remember or imagine being on a linen sofa, in a sunny August day.


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