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Kidding with my friends, and I’m talking about friends of a certain age, we often tell jokes about, when looking in the mirror, we see that the forehead is expanding, and that heinous space in the center of the head is growing larger and larger, sometimes hidden by not combed hair -on purpose- just to cover the field.


We immediately think of some lack of food and inevitably that time is passing.


All of this, not because of a scientific analogy, makes me think with a smile about what we said about reducing the amount of sulfur dioxide in our wines.


We’ve been talking so far about the legal limits.

 Now we play bingo and read the numbers out loud, who knows, maybe we can actually win something with those numbers and solve the problem of hair loss as well!


Is a five-number row, refers to the total sulfur.


Siriki (2014): 6

Syrah red label (2014): 46

Grillo (2015): 57

Chardonnay (2013): 51

Cabernet Sauvignon (2011): 38.


In my previous post, I underlined how much we feel responsible for what we offer you to drink.

Now we are feeling even more responsible, joking, about your great head of hair!


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