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Our wines carry pounds of ground on the shoulders
Our wines carry pounds of ground on the shoulders

Recently they asked me if I ever thought of a cellar in particular as a model and I answered that I’ve never been thinking about this, it was a question I wasn’t able to answer to.

Actually, thinking about it a few days later, I realized I never considered Spadafora a cellar but rather a place where growing grapes before producing wine, a place where the color of the leaves that grow is more important than the purple shades inside the glass, or a straw yellow glare for the white wine.

Perhaps this is the reason why I could not find an answer to that question and name a model, because, nowadays all hear around me is talking about trends to be followed rather then how to get a good product inside the bottle.

I do not know if one may become a ‘vigneron’, because in my opinion you are born like that and then, it is a privilege to think about your cellar as a place where listen to music and taste specific vineyard particles, according to different altitudes and exposures.

This makes me think that, at least close to me, I do not have many models to follow and that my job is basically helping the plant to give its best, year after year, if I want to keep on enjoying this place where I listen to good music and taste vineyard particles.


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