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Friendship and wine
Friendship and wine

Auro Buci and I, friends because of wine, Friends forever.

So much time ago Auro and Donatella, his wife, met me at the cellar, after tasting one of the wines produced by me, their interest grew, they figured out the way and arrived to Virzì. I remember, it was an afternoon, I sat down next to Auro on the stairs that lead to the cellar, with a musical background, we talked and we drank and I don't remember for how long.

We became friends and this photo was taken just before Christmas in a wine tasting evening at his restaurant L'Impossible in Chamonix.

I'm telling you this story because in a world were interests are more important than human relations, our story, him and his family included,  is a story of true friendship that was born from a glass of wine.


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