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I remember well, when 30 years ago, we sold grapes to the social cellar, I remember a lawyer, landowner, who I met each year, with subdued air, at the beginning of the harvest, he looked at me,and told me, "This year we harvest". He looked a bit ' confused, on one hand he was luckily  harvesting again,  on the other hand he suffered.
Well, so is the Vinitaly. We are excited on one hand, and on the other... damn it has been a year and here we are again, with the stress and fatigue of a tradefair, at the beginning everything starts with great expectations and then, when you come back, you realize that you shaked a lot of hands  so many smiles and no final substance.
I dream of being appreciated for what it's being tasted, and then, though, you realize that, often, what matters is not the wine, but the marketing that you have created around your company.
We will have the new vintages of our wines, and, for me, every time someone tastes, my adrenaline takes off "who knows how they will find it"!

Francesco Spadafora


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