Colour: straw yellow with evident green highlights.
Bouquet: harmonious, fruity.
Taste: rich, savory.


Seafood dishes, sushi, white meats, soft cheeses.


Varietal: Grillo 53%, Catarratto 47%

Origin: Contrada Virzì, Monreale, Palermo
Map Sheet 142

Exposure: North-East

Altitude: 300 m above sea level

Soil: Sandy-clay

Training system: Simple Guyot espalier

Density: 5,000 plants per hectare

Year of planting: 1996

Harvest: August-September

Yield: 50 hl/hectare

Vinification and ageing: Spontaneous fermentation on a pied de cuve of our grapes, without sulfur dioxide, at controlled temperature in cement vats.

Ageing: 3 months in concrete vats and 3 months in bottles.

Capacity: 75 cl.

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This is a fresh, elegant wine, with a superior structure than that of the Catarratto. It is named after my father. We produce 45,000 bottles of it.

The grapes are Catarratto and Grillo, fermented at different times, with the resulting wines blended in November.

Compared to the Catarratto bottle, I consider the Don Pietro as a small reserve. The Catarratto grapes used are extra glossy, which certainly contributes to the excellent quality. The Grillo is processed at two separate times to ensure higher acidity, as well as a greater structure, considering the cluster sizes of the Grillo. A careful vine selection is also made.

I find that the Don Pietro has improved in quality since I bought a new pneumatic press, for the 2008 vintage.

Recently, at a Spadafora tasting event held on a beautiful lawn, the first wine to be tasted was the Don Pietro white, and a special friend of mine described it as an excellent picnic wine: I thought this was a wonderful description.

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